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Basic pattern making course

Basic pattern making course

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It is a basic pattern making course where you will learn from scratch to create patterns to be able to make any type of design.

  • Content : In this course you will learn step by step how to make patterns from taking measurements to making transformations in order to obtain patterns for any design. It is an own pattern making system developed to be more intuitive and practical as well as precious in its layout.

  • Previous knowledge: Don't worry if you're just starting out. Having previous notions can help you understand some of the concepts faster, but for this course it is not necessary to have any previous knowledge of pattern making or sewing. We will start from the base.
  • Course duration: The complete course consists of 9 theoretical lessons, 3 practices that you can watch whenever you want. You can Take the course at your own pace and distribute the 14 teaching hours according to your preference. You will have all the recordings at your disposal for 6 months and you can ask all your questions by email or in our facebook group. You will also have access to two live doubt-solving tutorials that we will do on Saturday mornings at 12 noon (Spanish time).
  • Operation: You will be able to have access to all the recordings through a private YouTube list and to the tutorials via Zoom.
  • Places : There will be limited places to ensure that everyone can solve their doubts in the tutorial.
  • Dates : You can start seeing the theoretical and practical classes 24 hours after making the purchase. Video call tutorials are held on Saturday 21 and 28 January 2023.
  • What do you need to start? Once your place is reserved, to follow the classes you will only need: large format paper (din A3, cut onion skin or kraft paper), pencil, eraser, tape, ruler, square and tape measure.

The course is divided into:

    1. Presentation

    2. taking measurements

    3. base body layout

    4. Skirt and pants layout

    5. layout of sleeves

    6. Base Pattern Transformations

    7. Different types of dress

    8. design your own dress

    9. create your pattern

    10. Corrections and doubts


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